It is no surprise that more and more people wish to visit Kolwezi and discover the Lualaba province. There are many reasons for that: curiosity, tourism, for work, entrepreneurship or to invest.

Visitkolwezi.com was made to answer a series of questions that may come to mind before coming to the region.

  • Where is Kolwezi located? The Lualaba province?
  • How does one get there?
  • Where will I sleep? Eat?
  • How can I plan my trip? Rent a car?
  • What can I do there? What is there to see?
  • The contacts and locations of major corporations, institutes, administrations etc.

Many things are said about Kolwezi and the Lualaba province but it IS only by visiting that you will truly be able to experiment what the region has to offer.

Tourism development is one of the major goals for the country, the province and the city.
Kolwezi is ready for you.