Visit Kolwezi

Kolwezi is a major city in the south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She is also the capital of the Lualaba Province.

Kolwezi was originally found in 1937 to be one of the headquarters for UMHK (Union minière du Haut Katanga) who will later become the GECAMINE (Générale des Carrières et Mines)

It was only from a 1971 decree that Kolwezi gain the official city status.

The origin from the name Kolwezi came from a river that has his source near the Kolwezi Airport.

The present mayor is Véronique Kamina Upite.

The city is organized in 2 towns: Dilala on the west side and Manika on the east side. Both towns divided into borough or district.

Manika town: 

8 districts: Industriel – Kakifuluwe – Kayeke – Kasulo – Moise Tshombe – Mununka – Mutoshi – UCK

Dilala town:

6 districts: Biashara – Kanina – Kapata – Kolwezi – Luilu – Musonoi

Kolwezi 14 district borough

The city of Kolwezi is still expanding so new district are created.

Moving is quite easy in Kolwezi. Taxi bike or regular taxis are cheap. Kolwezi is one of the cities in Congo where it is still possible to just walk to somewhere when you feel like it.

Kolwezi is well known for his mining industry, especially copper and cobalt but the city has more to offer. Kolwezi is also an historical city. Just look at the city architecture and few monuments.

The post office, the train station, the cemetery, churches and cathedrals.

So many spots who deserve to be seen.

The estimated population is 750.000 for an area of 36.933 Km2
It is easy to find banks, supermarkets, pharmacies or garages and internet access is no longer an issue.