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The Lualaba province is one of the 26 provinces or the DRC. Located in the south west of the country with an area of 121.308Km2, the province is 4 times the size of Belgium or Rwanda. The province is entirely located in the south hemisphere between longitudes 21° 14’09” and 27°03’11” South and latitudes 07°10’07” and 11°12’31”

It borders on the province of Lomami, Kasai Central, Haut-Lomami and Haut- Katanga.

The province also shares borders with Angola and Zambya

The Lualaba province is the land of the Lunda Kingdom, the Tshokwe chiefdoms and the fighting kingdom of Yeke with King M’siri.

Also in the capitol Musumba located in the Kapanga territory, the Mwant Yav chiefdom shines to Sandoa and Dilolo until after the angolese borders
The Yeke Kingdom is concentrated in the Lubudi territory

Masque Mwana Mpwo chefferie Tshokwe

The famous Mwaba Pwo masks from the Tshokwe chiefdoms

The Governor of the lualaba province Richard Muyej Mangeze Mans
The current governor of the Lualaba province is Richard MUYEJ MANGEZE MANS

The Lualaba province is formed of 5 territories: Kapanga, Sandoa, Dilolo, Mutshatsha and Lubudi

Map of the Lualaba province Kapanga Sandoa Dilolo Mutshatsha Lubudi

The climate: It rains for almost 7 months. July is the driest and coldest of the year. Marsh the rainiest and September the hottest. With temperature going from 17 – 18° degrees Celsius in June and July till 30° for the rest of the year

Map of Lualaba province Kapanga Sandoa Dilolo Mutshatsha Lubudi road