Money: The national currency is the Congolese franc (FC) that you’ll find as 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 5000, 10000 20000 bills. The change rate varies between 1600FC and 1650FC for 1US dollars. Most transaction are made use the Congolese franc or in us dollars for bigger amounts. The US one-dollar bill is not accepted.

Change: You can change money at the banks or hotels or the most informal but common way it’s in the street in most city center area.

Banks cards:  Using banks cards is pretty common now and most cards work in all banks or automats cash machine. Paying with cards is more and more in store, hotels and restaurants but it’s always better to have cash. Visa and MasterCard are accepted for payment. You’ll find Western Union and MoneyGram desk in almost every banks.

Budget: Kolwezi is not really an affordable city when it comes to accommodations. For luxury room the minimum you’ll have to spend it’s about 125$ per night. For a standard room price range between 60 and 100$.

Restaurant with international cuisine will be the same. Between 25 and 50$ with no drinks. Restaurants with local meals are more affordable.

For transport, price for renting a taxi for one hour count 10$ and if you need him for the all day between 50 and 100$. You’ll need to bargain. Price will depend on the distance, the quality of the car. If you prefer to rent a car from an agency price will be between 150 and 250$ for a day for a SVU or 4X4. Which are better for the roads.

Climate: The best season to visit for tourism is always the dry season. Less heat and roads are less complicated to been use.

During expedition outside the city, the transport can easily become a nightmare with roads full of rainwater. Having a 4X4 is mandatory at this point. And you’ll be wise to travel by convo with others vehicle following you.

The temperature varies between seasons, days and territories. From 25 to 35 degrees Celsius during rainy season and 15 and 30 degrees Celsius during dry season.

In Kolwezi it’s easy. It goes from hot to very hot most of the year. So I’ll recommend you have light clothes. But don’t forget to carry a sweater or hoodie because some nights can be very cold especially if you’re near water.

Temperature can descend to Zero degree at night during dry season.

How to get to Kolwezi

Formalities and VISA